It’s all about the lights. Exclusive LED technology separates UView from the competition, making these the only lights you’ll ever need.

iView Cordless Rechargeable Worklight

iView Cordless Rechargeable Worklight

Ref: 413310

All new “Single Strip” LED Technology offers technicians a wider, brighter light. The iView emits over 330 lumens of light, the equivalent of a 75 watt incandescent, at a wide angle without any shadows or hotspots. 3 hours of continuous battery life allows you to finish your job with the same bright light you started with.


  • Wide angle lens eliminates the hassle of repositioning your light
  • Single Strip LED technology provides no shadows or hotspots
  • Comfortable grip and impact resistant housing
  • 3 hours of full light output per charge
  • Smart Charger never overcharges, preserves battery life
  • Emits over 330 lumens of brilliant white light (equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent bulb)

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