It’s all about the lights. Exclusive LED technology separates UView from the competition, making these the only lights you’ll ever need.

Freedom XXX Cordless and Rechargeable Trouble Light

Freedom XXX Cordless and Rechargeable Trouble Light

Ref: 413303

The Freedom Lite XXX is our brightest LED work light. It provides 300 lumens of light while adding the durability of LED technology and the convenience of being cordless.

By optimizing the light output through specially engineered lenses the light spreads over a wider area ensuring better visibility of components and tools. This minimizes repositioning the light and translates into faster completion of projects.

  • Brighter: Luxeon® automotive-grade LED’s provide intense white light without the blue or yellow colour of ordinary LED work lights. It’s like holding a headlight in your hand.
  • Wider: 100° dome lens for wider illumination of your work space. No need to reposition light as you work.
  • Better: High quality impact-absorbing shell and ergonomic rubber handle provides a comfortable grip that’s built to last.
  • Low Heat: LED’s do not produce significant heat creating a safer environment by reducing the potential for burns or fires.
  • Long-life Battery: Get the project done with a full 3 hours of battery life. Recharges in only one hour using a smart-charger that won’t over charge extending battery life.
  • Replaceable Parts: Each main component can be easily replaced by the user ensuring long term value and reliability.

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